Sunday, February 1, 2009

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The new star in Indian tennis is The 16- year- old Yuki Bhambri who wins the junior boys' tittle in the final of the Australian Open junior tennis championship In Melbourne on Saturday,31-1-2009.He becomes fourth Indian to win a junior Grand Slam.
Today,I have given a recipe for making a dessert.

Kamala marthandan.



  • Milk : 11/4tea cups.
  • Condenced milk:1/4 tin.
  • Chocolate flavoured custard powder:11/2tbsp.

  • or
  • Cocoa powder:1tbsp. Corn flour:1/2tbsp.
  • Cream:3/4cup.
  • Vanilla essence:1tsp.

  • For decorating
  • Cashew nut pieces
  • Cream(3tbsp.)

  • Method

    1. Keep 1/4 cup of milk aside.
    2. Mix the condenced milk with remaining portion of milk and boil in a thick bottomed pan.
    3. Add the custard powder or
      The mixture of cocoa and corn flour in 1/4 cup of milk kept in the beginning.Stir well to get a smooth liquid.
    4. Pour the above mixture into the boiling milk stirring continiously till the mixture begins to thicken.(Keep the stove in slow flame.)
    5. Remove from the stove and allow to cool.
    6. After the mixture has cooled down add the essence.
    7. Beat the cream and add to the mixture.
    8. Blend the mixture well with a hand blender and place in the fridge.
    9. When it is set,decorate with nuts,cream and serve chilled.
    Hope you have enjoyed making CHOCOLATE MOUSSE.If you have any doubts you can always contact the author.
    Please visitmy main page also to post queries in chat box. Happy cooking.